About Me

I am married and living in the UK. Following retirement from full time working I enrolled locally on a Patchwork and Quilting Course and made my first Sampler Quilt. A schooldays friend asked if I would be interested in joining a Patchwork and Quilting Group and when a vacancy arose I was invited to join. We meet locally twice a week in a Community Centre and Village Hall. My Group has about 25 members and we invite various tutors for Day Courses in patchwork, design and embroidery.  Together with sewing friends I also attend various workshops.
Sometime ago I was reading "Crazy Quilting" by Allie Aller and that for me began an exciting stitching journey and my love of Crazy Quilting. I came across Sharon Bogon's Pintangle blog pintangle tast and joined her Stitchin Fingers Group. This was followed by 2 of her courses Sumptuous Surface Embroidery and Encrusted Crazy Quilting. In 2011 Sharon gave notice that she would be running a stitchers challenge TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) 2012 and I was so very fortunate to be invited by Debra Spincic debras design studio to be part of a small group of inexperienced stitchers whom she offered to mentor and Tuesday Stitchers was born. Our Group evolved during the year, but we continued to follow TAST 2012 when every Tuesday Sharon Bogon posted online a hand embroidery stitch, which we would learn and push the stitch creatively. With the help of Debra I decided to make crazy patchwork blocks to showcase my TAST stitches and used Travel as a theme for the year. At the suggestion of Debra, some members of Tuesday Stichers decided to work round the Colour Wheel for our blocks and you can see what I achieved by looking through my Travel Journal. I know this would not have been possible without Debra's patience, encouragement, guidance and generosity of spirit and I will forever be so very grateful to her.
More recently I joined StitchMAP, which is an online Mentor Apprentice Programme and have enjoyed taking Courses with them. When I'm not sewing I enjoy pottering in the garden, taking walks around our lovely countryside and visiting different parts of the UK.


My soul is fed with needle and thread