Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Seaside Rose"

Each time I visit my collection of Seaside Rose fabrics for Moda by 3 Sisters I pick up this little block left over from a quilt made for a neighbour's daughter some years ago.  Zara now lives in Portugal with her parents and I wonder sometimes whether she still has her quilt.

You may recall my friend Ann's DIL still doesn't have a bag, so over a cold and rainy Bank Holiday I decided that Seaside Rose must shine again.  My collection of bag patterns includes one by Sarah Wellfair of Goose Chase Quilting called "5 Fat Quarters".  The pattern gives 3 sizes and the middle one was perfect for finally using Zara's Block.

I used fusible Vilene 640 for the outside fabric and fusible Vilene 630 for the lining. 

Pretty lining and, of course, a pocket completes the bag.
(Sarah's pattern includes instructions for fitting a zipper panel along the top, but that's for next time!)

I'm a little sad to see this block leave and hope Ann's DIL will enjoy using her bag.

Sarah is author of the "Simply" books - Simply Squares, Strippy, Bags, Christmas, Charming, Scrappy, Gifts etc.


  1. Looks lovely, you should try the zipper panel next time it's really easy.
    Sarah Wellfair xx

  2. Lovely bag Carol, such pretty fabric

  3. So in the end, you've now made 3 bags when you only intended to make 1! what a deal!

  4. Such a pretty way to use a leftover block. I love hearts and this one is so lovely in Seaside Rose.

  5. That must have been a very pretty quilt and you made good use of the orphan block in making this gorgeous bag.
    Love the fabrics very much. It must be very hard to part with.
    Margaret x