Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Annas Sminkepung

Well, I did threaten to make a few more and this was how I spent my Sunday afternoon.

The fabric collection is by Makower and has been lying around a long time, its called "Emily Accessories".  I especially like the border fabrics depicting rows of perfume bottles and shoes, but perhaps they are for another time.  When my little bag was completed I was disappointed, but can't quite think why!  Anyway, it looks better amongst the spring primroses so perhaps whoever becomes the recipient will also have to be given flowers.


  1. Wouldn't those little squares be so cute sprinkled into some CQ blocks?

    I think your little bag is quite nice and don't understand why you are disappointed.

  2. Oh yes, I feel a theme emerging!

    My little bag now boasts a charm hanging from its zip and is much happier.

  3. I agree with Debra; it's a fine bag! Love those primroses, too, especially the scalloped flowers.

  4. can I purchase this pattern in English. it is so adorable

  5. I'd so very much like to say "yes", but am afraid you will have to make a friend of Google Translate!