Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bags in the Garden

Well, the sun finally shone yesterday and I seized the opportunity to take my camera into the garden and photograph a few bags.  My local sewing group call me the "Bag Lady" and I have to live up to my reputation!!

This bag was made some little time ago at a workshop with Janet Humphrey.  Janet is a very kind lady and generous with her talents.  Together with a sewing friend I have spent many happy hours learning from Janet who treats us to afternoon tea with homemade cakes.  Janet's craft buildings are at the bottom of her very large and beautiful garden and I well remember the day we dyed lace and hung it from her fruit trees to dry whilst sitting in the sunshine drinking tea, ah happy days.  Sadly Janet doesn't hold workshops at The Stables nowadays.

This bag was made at a workshop held at my local quilting store.  I really love the "moody" batik fabric.  Firstly we had to randomly machine pleat the fabric and then cut it up before sewing it back together again!  Well, that's what we do isn't it??  As we all know fabric multiplies when cut and I have used this particular one on many occasions and it appears in Sarah's Travel Journal (India).


Another local workshop bag.

I was very lucky to make this beauty at a workshop with Amanda Hall of Monkey Buttons
Amanda's design is called "Southern Belle" and she put together fabric kits in a couple of colour ways, the flap and lining are made using a linen fabric.  Amanda attends many of the large UK Quilt Shows and I'm looking forward to seeing her later in the year for more goodies.


This saddle bag design was from Sue Fowler of Daisy Chain Designs.  Another lovely and generous lady and, like Amanda, she can be found at many of our Quilt Shows.


  1. My goodness! Your bags are too lovely to use in public. I would be so dismayed they would get dirty.

    I could definitely see you using your embroidery machine to stitch some lovely designs to adorn some new bags. How pretty!

    1. Machine embroidered designs would be kind to my wrist, if only I didn't feel my machine was in charge instead of me!! I know, I know "practice".

  2. These all look fabulous - I especially like the one with the "moody batiks" and one below it with the appliqued flower - you have a real talent - nice to know another "bag lady" haha!!

    1. "It takes one to know one" so they say!