Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rita's Diary

My friend Rita and I go back a long way and usually meet once a month for lunch and a chat.  A few years ago I made Rita a space dyed silk velvet diary cover, which was machine embroidered and lined with silk, but I'm told it's beginning to wear and needs replacing!!!

I gathered together noir silk space dyed fabric, from the Festival of Quilts last year, and painted lace (by Janet Humphrey) and after stabilising the back of the silk divided the fabric into quarters with tacking thread.  The lace was attached using invisible thread then it was ready for embellishment.  (I hate invisible thread, but it does have a purpose).

As I knew the diary would be getting a lot of use I planned to embellish mainly the front, but I couldn't stop!

The threads used are hand dyed Chameleon, The Cherry Tree, South Africa (purchased from Lorna Bateman) perle 8 and 12, also Soie Cristale by Caron (from Stitchin Bits & Bobs) which  is 12 ply 100% silk.  My beads were from JBS Beads - tiny size 15's with just a few size 10's.

So, after what seems 100's of beads, many many French Knots here's Rita's Diary all ready to hand over at our December lunch-date.



Totally impractical I know, but you may just be able to glimpse a voile sleeve I've sewn which hopefully will extend its shelf life!  I so enjoyed watching this grow.


  1. Everything you craft is so lovely! This is a pretty cover for your friend's stitching!

  2. Beautiful work! You have a very blessed friend.