Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chateau Hexagon

Month 6 - ...continued

After stitching The Flower Patch the six blocks are joined together

Month 7 - Lilypads

"The Lily pond with its Lily Pads and Flowers are in the middle of the driveway that leads to Chateau Hexagon".
You will see that the Lily Pads and Flowers have been appliqued and embroidered and my next task is to place onto the larger check circle adding ric-rac around the edge as I sew.  The check circle and driveway then have to be sewn to the 6 blocks adding strips of hexagons along the top 2 seams.  Pleasurable for sure and a lovely way to spend any free time over Christmas.


  1. Such a sweet project. Do you have a space where it will hang? Is it hand quilted when the embroidery is done?

  2. Yes, it will hang on a bedroom wall. Hand quilted, Lynette Anderson never mentioned that!!!

  3. You have to attach the layers somehow?? Maybe little hidden stitches somewhere?

  4. I've read somewhere that the buttons will have to be taken off for quilting, and assume it will be quilted by machine.

  5. Your blocks look beautiful now that they are put together Carol.
    Wishing you hours of happy stitching time as you finish the centre section.

    1. It's truly been a delight to sew and I don't want it to end. I'm eally looking forward to the final Month's button with instructions to complete the wall-hanging.

  6. Looking lovely Carol can't wait to see it finished

  7. MyYahoo mail is not opening--some glitch. Wanted you to know I cannot answer your note.