Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rita's Birthday

When making AnnAKa pouches I always had in mind creating one using "vintage" style fabrics with the addition of lace and beads - well here she is all ready and waiting for my friend's birthday.

The base fabric is calico/muslin, to which I attached stamped fabrics purchased from the USA  
                                                           Homestead Treasures on Etsy

My lovely swirly backing fabric shows a little of the quilting.  Some planing was required here choosing seams to sandwich the fabrics together. 

The pretty coloured threads are Lecien Multi Work 322, which are purchased either by skein or on spools and the beads are size 15.


  1. Another lovely bag Carol, I love the fabrics and lace

  2. Really too pretty to use; especially since you add the bits of embroidery to enhance the fabric designs.

  3. Lucky Rita! This is beautiful, Carol. She will love it!

  4. This pouch is absolutely gorgeous Carol. I'm glad your pictures are clickable as I got a good look at all of the detail.
    So lovely - what a wonderful gift.
    M x