Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chateau Hexagon Mystery Button of the Month

In the middle of 2013 I enrolled for Lynette Anderson's new Mystery Button Block of the Month Club.  Lynette chose a French feel for this project, which featured garden scenes each having a hand-painted button from Australia.

The wallhanging measures 26" x 37"
Cosmo threads have been used throughout.
Quilted using a very thin wadding and invisible thread

Month 9 - Chateau Hexagon
Who lives in this grand home somewhere in France?

Month 1 - Birdhouse Corner
"Such a pretty part of the garden, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and Mrs Cat is prowling"

Month 2 - Sampler Block
A little alphabet sampler style had to be included on this quilt.

Month 3 - Flower Barrow
This old wooden style wheelbarrow reminds Lynette of the one her Grandad used to use in his garden. "Grandad was always outside, he used to grow lots of vegetables and flowers.  His garden fork often had a bird sitting on it watching and waiting for a worm"

Month 4 - Cranky Geese
When Lynette was 9 she says the school she attended had geese to guard the lawns, they were very cranky geese and no-one put a toe on the grass for fear of being hissed at.

Month 5 - Hollyhocks & Roses
Lynette's grandmother used to grow hollyhocks in her cottage garden.  They grew tall and pretty against her flint and brick walls. 
Month 6 - The Flower Patch
Lynette says she loved watering the flower patch, running out to see if the seeds had sprouted and then as the little plants grew strong and tall waiting and hoping that they would have flowers"

Month 7 - Lilypads
"Little pond with its lily pads and flowers in the middle of the driveway that leads to "Chateau Hexagon"
Month 8 - Welcome
"The entrance to Chateau Hexagon has a grand but neglected feel to it, which is why there are wild flowers growing by the entrance gate.  The French poodle button looks so proud with her pink collar and sweet French haircut". 

Can you see the date and my initials added to the wrought iron-gate?  I have so very much enjoyed making and stitching this gorgeous quilt - thank you Lynette.  It is now being offered as a kit with patterns, fabric and buttons at Little Quilt Store.


  1. It looks absolutely fabulous Carol, I've enjoyed seeing some of the monthly blocks but put all together it's gorgeous

  2. Thank you. It's my first time being involved in a mystery BOM and I've enjoyed the anticipation and excitement in receiving those little packages each month.

  3. What a proud accomplishment! Such small pieces and tiny bits of embroidery! This really invites the viewer to look closely and enjoy your excellent handwork.

    1. Your very supportive in all I do, thank you.

    2. I think you are one of the best needlewomen I know!

    3. P.S. Way back in the day, we had some geese when we lived in the country. I came home from teaching school one day and they had eaten every single leaf off our shrubs by the front porch. They were more than cranky!

  4. Congratulations Carol! You can be very proud of this stunning quilt.
    Love all of the different blocks. Of course I'm rather partial to the sampler block just because I love samplers :)
    The poodle button is just the cutest thing ever.
    Wonderful work!

  5. Many years ago we had 2 poodles who were very naughty, but such fun. This button was especially special and I left him until the very end to attach.

  6. Very nice, Carol-Ann! I love Lynnette Anderson's patterns.

    1. Orange Blossom pillow is a pretty pattern by Lynette showing a house, blossom tree and a wheelbarrow painted button, which would match the wallhanging. Hoping I've sufficient scraps of fabric for this.

  7. Absolutely stunning Carol-Ann! You've inspired me to hunt down the patterns and buttons to make one. May I ask which fabrics you used for the chateau and it's background? I love the subtle colours :)